1. Sometimes
    our voices crash
    louder than waves.

    What do you expect,
    when noise
    is the only thing we know?

  2. Still my heart will not let you go. I hold this space, this moment, and kiss you when you wake up. There’s always a tomorrow.

  3. 22:36 13th Sep 2014

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    You are a volume in the divine book.
    A mirror to the power that created the universe.
    Whatever you want, ask it of yourself.
    Whatever you’re looking for can only be found
    Inside of you.
    — Rumi (via lazyyogi)
  4. You break me
    A little bit more each day.

    I want to be close to you
    But you deny me,
    Your body so rarely next to mine
    That I forget what you feel like.
    I forget
    What it feels like to love.

    Still I make an effort
    Trying to hold the pieces together
    (for him)
    for you
    for us.

    All the while,
    I know:
    You’re fucking somebody else.

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    When you feel like you’ve got nothing left in you.

    When you feel like you’ve got nothing left in you.

  7. Every morning, I stand here waiting for my coffee. Looking forward to the slow, smooth wakefulness it imparts even from the first sip (I suspect it’s mostly psychological nowadays… how awake can one really ever become when spending days and nights with a 4-month-old?)

  8. One day

    One day I will wake up and you will be gone, not because you wanted it but because I did.

    One day you will stop getting angry at me and making me feel sad, not because you began to care more but because I did.

    And when will our time be up?

    It’s still too early to tell.

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    Always the quintessential waiting.

    Always the quintessential waiting.

  10. “It is proper to welcome struggle. Its arrival is always auspicious. Struggle changes a sub-human into an ideal person. It transforms an ordinary human into a spiritually awake person respected by the world. Struggle is a subtle sculptor who shapes the life of every great spiritual master into a unique and unparalleled work of art.” - Swami Kripalu